Here are all of the stories I’ve written so far, posted in no particular order.

I’ve used standard erotica categorizations to identify the story’s sexual themes (F=Adult Female, M=Adult Male, f=teen female, m=teen male, b=boy, g=girl, MC=Mind Control, exhib=exhibitionist, best=bestiality, etc. A ‘+’ indicates multiple partners, for example fM+=teen female with multiple adult males).

I’ll be adding new stories as they are written.

(Files ending with PW indicate password protected, for Subscribers Only for 30 days or so).


My game – “One Man’s Descent” Based on the story “Jame’s Descent” by Undeniable Urges.


Updated Dec, 21 2023. Version 0.5.0 Public Release. This game is still in development.


You can read more about it here (or join my Discord!)


Movie Night (Mf, MF, Ff, MFf, Exhibitionist, Incest, Young)


Summary – A neglected husband. A horny daughter. A mother with secrets. What could happen?

Concept – The first chapter is the first story I ever wrote back in 2015 (with minor updates for grammar, etc.). It evolved to eight chapters with multiple story-lines that were very difficult to weave together.

Status – Complete. When I wrote the last chapter, I consider this story complete, but the ending left the door open. I always try to end a chapter with a bit of a tease of things to come. Or, for an ending to a story line, I like add something to let your imagination take story to wherever you want it to go. Many are asking for more chapters, but it is more inspiring to write newer material. But, never say never!

Update – Added Chapter 9, per your request.


Movie Night 1 – Can Chad control himself around his hot, young daughter?

Movie Night 2  Summary – After what happened last week, will things ever be the same between Chad and his hot, young daughter?

Movie Night 2 – Alternate Ending – The next day. Samantha ended up acting way younger than I intended in this version. I scrapped it, but published it for your enjoyment.

Movie Night 3 – The night continues for Chad and his hot, young daughter.

Movie Night 4 – Chad tries to behave. Samantha is frustrated.

Movie Night 5  – Sexy, young, Samantha and her naughty mother go shopping together. Julie shares some things she perhaps shouldn’t.

Movie Night 6 – Samantha tries a new scheme to get her daddy’s attention. Julie and Sam share some time alone.

Movie Night 7 (MF, MFf, Ff, incest, exhibitionist) Summary – It’s daddy’s turn to spend some quality time with horny, young, Samantha.

Movie Night 8 (MF, Ff, MFf, incest, exhibitionist) Summary – Mom and Samantha. Dad and Samantha. Isn’t it time for the whole family to have some fun together?

Movie Night 9 – Samantha has a sleepover with her friend Brittany. You wanted more of Samantha, so you got it.

The Daring Naughty Sleepover (ff, Mff, Exhibitionist, voyeur, young)


Summary – Two young girls have a sleepover where things get a little naughty…

Concept – The first chapter is the second story I ever wrote (after “Movie Night”). The initial concept was two young friends who would try to out-dare each other. And then dare each other to do more and more outlandish things.

Status – Active Story Line (all stories recently updated and refreshed) New chapter released February 6th, 2022)


The Naughty Sleepover 1  – Cindy and Stacy have a long-awaited sleepover. Things get a bit naughty…

The Naughty Sleepover 2 – Teasing day two of the daring, naughty, sleepover.

The Naughty Sleepover 3 – Day two of the daring, naughty, sleepover! At the mall with the two hot teenagers, where things get very daring and very naughty indeed!

The Naughty Sleepover 4 – Cindy and Stacy return from the mall and relax by the pool.

The Naughty Sleepover 5 – The two young girls continue their naughty sleepover; teasing boys and putting on a dirty nighttime show for their neighbor.

The Naughty Sleepover 6 – Cindy and Stacy start their new job cleaning for Mr. Wilson.

The Naughty Sleepover 7 – Cindy and Stacy get naughty at school.

The Naughty Sleepover 8 – Cindy and Stacy get into trouble at school.

Doggy-Styles (f, fm, ff, FF, FFf, Exhibitionist, Incest,f/Bestiality, F/Bestiality, Young)


Summary – The adventures of Claire, a teenager who discovers her love for canines. She meets Mrs. Hill, who owns the local kennels. Her mother, her mother’s friend, and her two best friends all join her for some furry fun.

Concept – The world needs more young girls and dogs stories, right? For this story, I had a few different ideas for bestiality stories and I thought, ‘Why not combine them into a single epic story-line?’

Status – Active Story Line


Doggy Styles 1– Teasing Duke – Claire Davis discovers a new way to have some sexy, teasing fun.

Doggy Styles 2 – Pleasing Duke  – Young Claire learns teasing Duke has unintended consequences.

Doggy Styles 3 – Loving Duke – Claire has a date.

Doggy Styles 4 – Breeding Duke – Duke has a date.

Doggy Styles 5 – Sharing Duke – Claire and Duke find some new friends.

Doggy Styles 6 – Sultan’s Reward – Claire has trouble training Sultan

Doggy Styles 7 – Duke’s Conquest – Darlene visits her friend Candice and brings along a friend.

Doggy Styles 8 – Sultan’s Revenge – Claire babysits Sultan for the evening, and Darlene, Candice and Duke stop by for a visit.

Doggy Styles 9 – The Dog Groomer – Claire spends some fun quality time with her new friend Brenda (and Duke, of course).

Doggy Styles 10 – The Dog Walker – Claire works at her side job. And later, her new friends visit her at the kennels.

Doggy Styles 11 – The Dog Trainer – Claire delivers her latest trained animal. Later, she teaches Duke a new trick.

Doggy Styles 12 – The Breeder’s Assistant – Claire helps out at the kennels, does a little training, then has a sleepover with her friends.

Blue Balls (mf, fM, fF, School, Exhibitionist, Incest, BBC)


Summary – Young Tiffany’s teasing ways gets her in all kinds of situations.

Concept – I wanted to write a school-based sex-ed story. What if a young girl learns about her developing body in a Sexual Education class, and decides to use her new knowledge to get back at her teasing brother? What if she doesn’t know everything about sex like she thinks she does?

Status – Complete. However,  I’m getting a quite a few requests for another chapter. Tiffany and Theo deserve it, and you do too. Some day… Too many stories, not enough time!


Blue Balls 1  – Tiffany learns a naughty trick to play on her older brother! (m, f, Solo, Exhibitionist, Incest)

Blue Balls 2 – Tiffany continues to tease her older brother and discovers her father is affected by her teasing as well!

Blue Balls 3 – Tiffany becomes more daring with her brother and father. She learns she can affect her teachers and fellow students too!

Blue Balls 4– Tiffany had never meant to be a cock-tease! How could she make it up to her brother?

Blue Balls 5  – Tiffany learns other ways to help out her brother. OMG! Does her dad have blue balls too?

Blue Balls 6 – Tiffany, her father and brother continue their adventures. She decides to speak to her teacher, to see if he has blue-balls too.

Blue Balls 7  – Tiffany decides she needs a boyfriend and makes friends with the janitor.

Blue Balls 8  – Tiffany gets frustrated. Mom and Tiffany have a little talk.

Blue Balls 9 – Tiffany plays with her mom and dad.

Blue Balls 10 – Tiffany has a very fun filled day at school.

Blue Balls 11 – Theo has a small problem. Mom and Theo have a little talk.

Sissy-Hypno-Depravity (MM, MC, Sissy) Formerly Cock-Sucking-Sissy-Faggot-Cum-Slut.


Summary – A man watches too many sissy-hypnosis videos. (yeah, its a thing).

Concept – My first attempt at Sissy-Porn. I came across a Sissy Hypnosis video and thought, ‘What if this stuff really worked? What would it do to a man who fell into it’s trap?’

Status – Complete (for now). I have a second chapter written that I’m not very fond of. I did have plans for a third or fourth chapter, but there is not much interest in this story line. Prove me wrong.

Tomboy (gm, gb, gb+m+, Young, Incest)


Summary – Danielle is a tomboy. Her developing body causes her problems with  all of her friends.

Concept – One of my more recent stories. What would happen if a pretty girl who’s been a tomboy all her life discovers her feminine side?

Status – Complete. I originally planned on a single chapter, but due to demand, I wrote a couple more. Surprisingly, they were difficult to complete. I usually have a beginning, middle and end in mind when I write. I had to come up with more ideas and minor plot lines to get the story finished.


Tomboy 1 – Danielle plays with the boys.

Tomboy 2 – Danielle really liked playing with the boys, and they liked playing with her.

Tomboy 3 – Danielle liked playing with the boys so much, she plays with them again!

Caught Wearing Panties by the Boy Next Door! (Mm, Sissy, Cross-dressing, Humiliation)


Summary –  The title says it all.

Concept – What if you were caught wearing panties by the boy next door? What would he want for his silence? Can he be trusted?

Status – Complete (for now). I have other ideas for at lease two more chapters, but again, sissy-stories are not in-demand, so it is difficult to workup the effort and inspiration to finish it.

From Urban Dictionary – “A sissy is a biological male; who acts really feminine, slutty, horny, also really bimbo like, etc. They tend to be really submissive but not all of the time. Most sissies are into men, but some are into women, some are Bisexual or Pansexual as well. Most of them like to play with other sissies as well.”

The Little Dick Game (mm, m+m, young)


Summary – Oh, the games boys play!

Concept – Boys can get very competitive. What if losing the game had very interesting consequences?

Status – Complete (for now).  Same issue with my other gay/sissy stories. Not much interest. The third chapter is my lowest ever rated story on I do have ideas for more chapters. Who know?


The Little Dick Game – 1 – Alex and his friend play a naughty game.

The Little Dick Game – 2 – Jared brings a friend. Can Alex win this time?

The Little Dick Game – 3 –  Alex is sure he will win this time!


The Sissy Scouts (MM, M+M, Trans, Sissy)


Summary – The Sissy Scouts are looking for a few good men (a lot of them, actually)

Concept – SissyDrewForYou (tumblr) was the inspiration for this story. His sissy posts also inspired a video. I thought the concept needed more details –  What if the Sissy-Scouts actually existed? How did it happen? What do they do? Do they earn badges? How do they recruit new scouts? Do they have an official Sissy-Scout handbook? A secret sign?

I’ve also started a reddit page for the Sissy-Scouts. Eventually, you’ll be able to join the scouts and even order your own special lapel pins, for both Sissies and Alphas. A discrete symbol to allow sissies and Alphas to get together. Let me know if you are interested and me help spread the word!

Status – Active.


The Sissy Scouts 1 – Lewis learns about the Sissy Scouts.

The Sissy Scouts 2 – Lewis tells his friend Richard about the Scouts.

The Sissy Scouts 3 – Lewis and Richard attend the Sissy Scouts Recruitment Drive.

The Sissy Scouts 4 – The Sissy Scouts Induction Ceremony is about to begin!

The Sissy Scouts 5 – Practice makes perfect for Wendy and her friends.

The Sissy Scouts 6 – Wendy and friends attend their first Sissy-Scout-Slut-Session!

The Sissy Scouts 7 – Another surprise during the next SIssy-Scout-Slut-Session!

The Sissy Scouts 8 – Road Trip! All aboard the fuck-bus!

The Sissy Scouts 9 – The Sissy-Scouts meet their Alphas!


The Naughty Babysitter (fb+m+, Exhibitionist, Young)


Summary – A young babysitter teaches four young boys how to be very, very naughty.

Concept – This story was inspired by “Boys Will Be Boys” by Art S Healing.  I liked the concept of a pretty babysitter encouraging her charges to be naughty with her. Also, the teasing was very, very hot! This is my take on a naughty babysitter.

(This story contains the youngest characters I’ve ever written about. Read it at your own risk.)

Status – Complete. Though, I do have some leftover ideas.

High School Hypnotist (Mf, MC, School)
Summary – Brad Taylor enjoys his work as a high school guidance counselor and hypnotist.

Concept – If you were a hypnotist, you’d want to work where all the fresh pussy was, wouldn’t you?  Besides, I love school stories!

Status – Complete. I had another chapter planned for the Junior High, but knew I’d have trouble publishing it. But now I have my own website. Hmmm. That gives me an idea!

The Little Halloween Sluts (fff, Mfff, Ffff, M+fff)


Summary – Amber and her young friends decide to go all out to get candy on Halloween!

Concept – Halloween costumes get sexier every year. Even for younger girls. What if dressing up like a slut got you more candy?

Status – Complete. Though I have ideas for the girls participate in other holidays; Christmas, Easter, maybe a parade or a birthday party.


The Little Halloween Sluts 1  – The girls get dressed to get lots and lots of candy on Halloween.

The Little Halloween Sluts 2 – It’s getting late! They need more candy!

Jame’s Descent into Cuckoldry (MF, MTrans, M+M, MFF, Femdom, Sissy, Cuckold)


Summary – Jame’s dominating wife decides she wants more out of life and knows just how to do it.

Concept – For this story, I wanted to experiment with female domination and a naturally submissive male. I used this story as the inspiration for my game “One Man’s Descent”.

Status – Complete. Though it may need a re-write someday.


Jame’s Descent 1 – James’ dominating wife decides to turn him into a submissive, sissy cuckold.

Jame’s Descent 2 – Karen teaches Jamie how to dress and act like a slut!

Jame’s Descent 3 – Jamie’s submissive training continues. Karen invites a friend over to play.

Jame’s Descent 4 – James and Karen find another friend.

Jame’s Descent 5 – Jamie falls completely down the rabbit hole.

Jeffry and Billy – previously known as Billy’s Faggot (mmf, Mff, m+m, m+mf, incest, Trans, young, humiliation)


Summary – Two young boys. One is dominant, the other is submissive. Things happen.

Concept – All teenage boys want sex and a lot of it. What would it take for a horny young man allow another boy to get intimate with him?

(As you may have noticed, I changed the title of this story. I’ve not had complaints, but using the “F” word seemed insulting and demeaning to gay males. However, I do use the word a lot in my gay/sissy stories. I find that type of humiliation arousing – sorry if it offends).

Status – Complete.


Jeffry a Billy 1 – Jeffry and Billy spy on Billy’s sexy sister and become aroused.

Jeffry a Billy 2– Billy invites Jeffry over to play some games.

Jeffry a Billy 3 – Jeffry and Billy play even more sexy games.

Jeffry a Billy 4 – Billy and Jeffry get caught!

Jeffry a Billy 5 – Billy and Becky abuse poor Susie. They are not very nice. (This chapter sets things up for the ending).

Jeffry a Billy 6 – Becky apologizes and tries to make it up to Susie.

Jeffry a Billy 7 – The siblings invite Susie to a party! Watch out Susie!

My New Guard Dogs (F, Bestiality)


Summary – A silly bimbo decides she needs protection and companionship.

Concept – What if a woman had two, big dogs instead of one? I wanted to see if I could I write from a blond bimbo’s perspective.

Status – Complete.

Plumber’s Helper (MM, Sissy, Crossdresser)


Summary – A cross-dresser helps the plumber (warning, very bad puns).

Concept – What if you were cross-dressing and a worker came to fix your pipes?

Status – Complete. Though I do have more plot lines in mind. Again, sissy stories are not well received.

The Little Ignorant Slut (fm, ff, fm+M FM, FMf, Incest, fBestiality)


Summary – These are the tales of Jane, a little ignorant slut. It is a silly, whimsical story about a young girl with a peculiar overactive sex drive.

Concept – What if a young girl had a medical condition that made her extremely horny all the time? How would her family react?

I’m particularly fond of this story. Both for the concept and because some of the descriptive passages made me feel like a real writer. I have another chapter in my head, and a Christmas episode. Too many stories, too little time!


The Little Ignorant Slut – Introduction to Jane, the little ignorant slut. (Mf, MF, Incest)

The Little Ignorant Slut 2 – Her adventures continue. (fm, ff, fm+M, Incest)

The Little Ignorant Slut 3 –  Jane goes for a walk and makes some new friends. (f, Mf, fBestiality)

Tell Mommy What You Want (Milf, mF, Incest, Dom/Sub)


Summary – This is the story of hot mother and her horny young son. He discovers his mother is an insatiable, submissive slut. What would you do?

Concept – Inspired by another story (That I can’t find). The father leaves the family, and on the way out tells his son his mother is a slut and would do anything he ordered her to do. Question – why would he leave a slut like that? Anyway, I loved the idea, and had to write my own ‘Slut Mother’ story.

Status – Complete. Though I do have more plot and characters conceived.

Sensitivity Training (MM, M+M, Sissy, Mind Control)


Summary – A bigoted white-collar worker is trained to be more tolerant of others.

Concept – In this politically correct world, what if a company’s sensitivity training could make you more tolerant of others, and more?

Status – Complete

Please Mrs. Robinson (Milf, mF, Implied Incest)


Summary – Mrs. Robinson wouldn’t really seduce her son’s best friend, would she?

Concept – A single horny mother and becomes infatuated with a virile young man. But could a mother fool around behind her son’s back? With his best friend?

Status – Complete. Again, I have more plot and characters conceived, but I don’t plan on working on it anytime soon.

A Very Special Mother’s day – (Milf, mF, Incest, young)

Summary – Young Benjamin makes very special plans for Mother’s Day.

Concept – A horny boy. A horny, curious, teasing, mother. What could happen?

Status – Complete.

The White-boi Club –  (M+F, M+M, BBC, Interracial, Race-play, Cuckold, Sissy, Gay, SPH, Humiliation)

Summary – Another pathetic, cuckold, loser finds companionship and acceptance in the white-boi club.

Concept – Based on the Black New World Order fantasy (BNWO) White guys are being cucked and leading pussy-free lives. What’s a white-boi to do?

Status – Complete.


The Persistent Doggy  –  (F, Bestiality, Reluctance )

Many discover something uniquely arousing about animal-sex fantasies. There is the societal taboo aspect, of course; the debauchery and wantonness of lowering oneself to having sex with an animal. But also, there is the evolutionary requirement inside every animal to procreate. A need so ingrained into a living creature’s being, that once awakened, that need pushes away thoughts of reason and decorum. This story is about one woman’s sexual awakening…


Summary – A timid and sexually repressed woman adopts a very horny, and very persistent dog.

Concept – What if a timid woman, who has suppressed her sexual desires her entire life, adopts a horny, persistent, dog?

Status – Complete.


The Persistent Doggy 1 – A timid and sexually repressed woman adopts a very horny, and very persistent dog

The Persistent Doggy 2 – Elizabeth’s persistent doggy has his way with her.

The Persistent Doggy 3 – Elizabeth contemplates her new life. What has she become?

The Persistent Doggy 4 – Elizabeth forgot about her book club meeting. Can she keep her horny, persistent, doggy under control?