What’s Coming?

What’s coming next?


March 2024 – Still working on next release release of “One Man’s Descent” (Version 0.6.0) and also working on the next “Doggy Styles” chapter.


February 2024 – Still working on next release release of “One Man’s Descent” (Version 0.6.0) and now that “The Persistent Doggy” is finished, I’ll start working on something else, TBD.


January 2024 – Working on next release release of “One Man’s Descent” (Version 0.6.0) and the continuing the story “The Persistent Doggy” Chapter 3.


December 2023 – Now that the public release of “One Man’s Descent” (Version 0.5.0) and the story “The Persistent Doggy” has been release for subscribers, I will we working on the next release of the game, and the second chapter of story mentioned above.


October 2nd, 2023 – Still working on the next release of “One Man’s Descent”.  Added more content and working on Dr and After Dr. Scenes. Storywise, working on “The Persistent Doggie” I love the concept of this story.


September 9th, 2023 – Still working on the next release of “One Man’s Descent”.  “Whiteboi Club” has been completed and published.


August 21, 2023 – Focus now is on the next release of “One Man’s Descent”. Also working on “Blue Balls – 12”, “Whiteboi Club”, and a video.


August 4, 2023 – Currently working on “Blue Balls – 12”, “Whiteboi Club”, “A very Special Mother’s Day” and a couple other stories. Also hard at work on the game “One Man’s Descent”


February 16, 2023 – “Movie Night – 9” “Doggy-Styles – 12” and “The Sissy-Scouts – 9” stories are completed. Soon to be released for everyone. Then, another game update.


February 2, 2023 – With Doggy Styles and Movie Night stories finished, and the game released. Next up is another update to the game, and then I’ll start or finish another story or two.


August 6th, 2022 – Working diligently on the game “One Man’s Descent”. Will write another adventure of Claire and Duke, I think.


April 9th, 2022 – Working on “Doggy-Styles 11 – The Dog Trainer” and the next release of the game “One Man’s Descent”


February 6th, 2022 – I plan to release an update to my game this month. And maybe finish the “Daring, Naughty, Sleepover” series.


Jan 22nd, 2022 – Working on the next chapter of “The Daring Naughty Sleepover” The first seven chapters have now been updated and refreshed.


Dec 30th, 2021 With “Tomboy – 3″  is finished (subscribers only for now), next up is another release for the game “One Man’s Descent”. My New Year’s resolution is to be more prolific, with at one story and one release per month. Very ambitious since I still work 5 to 6 days a week.


Oct 30th, 202 Now that “The Little Dick Game – 3”  is released to subscribers (for now), next up is “Tomboy – 3”.


Oct 16th, 2021 Now that the game is released, I’ll be finishing up “The Little Dick Game” and “Tomboy” stories. Also adding content to “One Man’s Descent” game.


Sept 28th, 2021 The game is close to another release. The ‘day in the life’ is coded. Just tweaking and adding content so it will be a playable game without a lot of dead-ends. I’m really torn between publishing it as is, or making it better. I think I need to make sure it is playable and enjoyable, even if it takes longer to release. Granted, most of the work has been defining the overall game-structure (not a small task). Also finalizing content for supporters only (Some of the more dirty/nasty/sexy parts).

For stories, the Little Dick Game 1 is now public. The Little Dick Game 2 is posted for subscribers until late Sept/Early Oct.


Sept 4th, 2021. The game is coming along great. I still struggle at times learning a new programing language. The dream sequence looks really good, if I do say so. All the rooms in Karen and James’ house are created and activity is being added.

As for stories, I’ll publish the next one or two chapters of “The Little Dick Game” in the coming weeks. Finishing “Tomboy” and “The Daring Naughty Sleepover” series are at the top of my list.

I also have a couple of MILF stories I want to complete “Black-Maled” and “Soccer Mom” So many stories! So little time!


August 28th, 2021. Dedicated to completing a full week’s worth of activity on the game “One Man’s Descent”

August 6th, 2021. Now that Tomboy 2 and the latest Doggy-Styles are completed, I’ll be working on the next release of my game, and loading more stories to the website.


July 31, 2021. Half way done with the latest “Doggy Styles” chapter – “The Dog Walker”. Hope to have it completed this weekend, then final proofing for errors and overall readability. Roughly outlined the final “Tomboy” chapter. Added images and updated text on my game – I expect the next update later this month.