Stories and Games and…?

Welcome to my website! I hope you enjoy your stay.


It has been a long struggle, considering I’m not a web-designer. I first created a WordPress account, designed my page, edited the content, etc. Then, they suspended my account permanently (the prudes). I’m now on an adult themed internet host, so I should be good (fingers crossed).


This site will be the source for all of my adult stories, games and videos. Now, I can publish what I want and when I want, all without censorship. This is possible because currently in the USA, literature is protected under freedom of speech. My stories are all fictional and never based on real people or events. I like writing happy, consensual sex – no loli, scat, extreme violence, rape or murder. I find it odd how we can make movies with horrible, graphic, bloody content and high body counts, but happy sex with consenting people is frowned upon.


If you’d like to help me out paying for this site (and maybe even allow me hire some expert help), please considering supporting me, (no pressure). For as little as $5 a month, you can support freedom of the press (and porn?) and get 30 day advance access to all of my new material. This SitePad webpage software wants to charge me for everything on top of what I’m paying for web-hosting! I can’t even upload large files with out paying more! I’ll probably have to invest in another file storage system. – NOTE! Please use SubscribeStar (above) if you wish to support my work. Patreon is so strict regarding content, I expect a suspension and then be required to remove most of my ‘offensive’ content.


Thanks for reading, and happy fapping!